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Slope Protection/ Retaining Wall


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    Slope Protection

    Due to rainfall-runoff on the slopes, which will directly damage the slope and precipitation will damage the slope. The period of precipitation is directly related to the quantum of damage.

    Geocell will change the flow direction of water and this reduces the flow and velocity of water on the slope.

    The roots of vegetation can reinforce the soil in all directions. A combination of vegetation and soil becomes naturally stable.

    The compartment can be filled with soil and planting grass and shrubs on the soil and gives a greening effect with lots of environmental benefits

    Retaining Wall

    The Multi-Layered Presto Geocell Cellular Confinement System is having feature where outer facia in nonperforated to keep water line within the structure and provision of perforated PVC pipe which is laid at the bottom of the structure through which water drains out without damaging the wall. Hydraulic Gradient line is kept within its body which makes structure stable and safe. Natural vegetation growth adds further strengthening of wall giving good aesthetic appearance as well.
    Due to vertical profile the system can be installed in limited space which reduces valuable land use.

    • Maintains structural stability based on design against specific location and soil parameters and counters externally imposed load.
    • Structure never deteriorates as it is made of High-Density Polyethylene, Will not corrode or degrade as concrete, steel and timber-based systems.
    • Use of aggregate minimises hydrostatic conditions,
    • Easy to transport and construct at difficult or remote locations,
    • Offers aesthetics and environmental benefits of a sustainable living wall structure with desired vegetation and plantings.