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Coastal Protection


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    Coastal Protection

    The strip of land that extends from sea shore to the first major change in terrain features is defined as coastal area. The coastal area is subjected to erosion due to various natural phenomenon such as wave action, tides, ocean currents, shortage of sediment etc. Coastal erosion is accompanied with the loss of land area and adverse effects on habitats. India has a coastline around 7500 km of which 5700 km coastline belongs to the main land while rest includes the coastline of Andaman & Nicobar group of islands and Lakshadweep.

    The conservation of habitats against erosion has always been an important aspect of coastal engineering works, Geotube is one of the best technologies to sustain from wave action and protect beaches from erosion. Geotubes are used so as to avoid harming effects of wave action, by placing them one after another creating a wall near to the location to be protected. Geotube is flexible system made up of high strength woven geotextile sheets that are filled with sand at specified pressure and flow rate by dredging from sea.