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Injection Grouting


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    Injection Grouting

    Injection Grouting work is very important activity while construction of Tunnels and various other types of underground structures where geological conditions are challenging which needs to be treated with suitable product and special procedures.

    Valplast Technologies Pvt Ltd (Formerly Renesco India Pvt Ltd) provides suitable and economical solution for ground improvement, new construction and repair and retrofitting/renovation of old structures. There are various products in the market but selection of right product and designing or framing the methodology is key to get desired result.

    Valplast Technologies Pvt Ltd provide complete construction services in the fields of cementitious and chemical grouting. It becomes possible with complete package of product technical parameters, suitable equipment and on-site experience. Past experience and on site decision to tackle any unforeseen situation and by using and state-of-the-art specialised equipment makes us competent for any challenging job.

    Chemical Grouting

    Chemical injections grouting method is used for the repair of structures, Tunnel face stabilization, sealing of concrete elements, with fast-reaction time as needed. Different types of polyurethane like single component, two component, Urea Silicate or Flexible foam are used. The range can vary from one-component resin for small water sealing jobs to customised technical properties multi-component systems to effectively stop huge water ingress. Depending upon site requirement to get varying performance can be achieved using different
    accelerators, which requires a high skill and experience, material know-how and equipment technology from the specialised applicator. Additional requirements on health/safety and durability aspects have to be considered. Valplast Technologies Pvt Ltd offer its service in a wide range of application fields, like:

    All kind of injection using acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy and Urea silicate resin for sealing of underground structures like tunnels, shafts, cavern, dam, etc. against moisture and pressurised water
    Preinjection Compartment injection in connection with waterproof lining systems
    Crack Sealing and Concrete Repair
    Crack injection according to ZTV-Riss (German standard)
    Ground consolidation and stabilisation
    Arresting water, and permeation
    Cavity Filling

    Cement Grouting

    In construction activity unexpected water ingress and poor ground conditions is not unusual, which affects construction activity and finally cost escalate which create negative influence on the environment/construction process, and inevitably cause significant delays.

    Cement grouting is generally carried out with cementitious products including additives, hydraulic binders, expanders or wash-out admixtures, also used as suspension, are hereby often carried out as a specific measure to counteract these risks. Additionally, use of cement is an an economical approach to a wide range of different application fields, where Valplast Technologies offers its service:
    Grouting measures for compensation
    Ground stabilization and permeation
    Contact grouting (e.g. roof gap/ annulus gap)
    Curtain grouting (e.g. in the construction of dams)